Why LinkedIn Is Such An Important Social Media Tool

Why LinkedIn Is Such An Important Social Media Tool

Why LinkedIn Is Such An Important Social Media ToolBrand and Profile Building As soon as you start a LinkedIn account, you can begin to build your profile and your brand, sharing this with people all over the globe. It allows you to look for employers and employees. If you are searching for work, you can gain access to information on how best to do this and you can build a huge network of like-minded individuals. LinkedIn is designed to put you into contact with others that can help you further your career, giving you a smarter network. Finding Information LinkedIn is also an amazing source of information. It is, essentially, a huge database, where you can look at such things as common skills for certain positions or industries. The list of company profiles on the platform is growing by the day, and these details show you statistics about the company, recent promotions and hires, changes in structures and whether any employees already have connections to you, or close to you. Also, it contains information on all sorts of topics. Perhaps you have a sales prospect and want to know what their likes and dislikes are, for instance. Or maybe you want to speak about something a previous employee did to support an organization. Also, you can find co-founders of businesses and speak to them directly about starting up a new project such as a joint venture.

Once you know how to build a powerful profile and then build your network – the possibilities for connections are endless! Finding Jobs One of the benefits of LinkedIn is that it allows you to search for jobs in an easy and fun way. You can immediately contact the right person in a company you are interested in to discuss whether there are any opportunities, or whether there are likely to come up soon. You can also use LinkedIn to get references from previous colleagues or employers. Furthermore, you can find information about companies that you are interested in, as well as about others who held the position you want to apply for. This makes you a far stronger interview candidate, as you can demonstrate knowledge about the vacancy. By browsing through LinkedIn, you can even find jobs that you didn’t even know you were interested in. Furthermore, you can often apply directly, without having to go through agencies or complicated forms and procedures. Or you are NOT looking for a job at the moment. LinkedIn allows you to keep your resume, cover letter, etc. on file so that if something captures your interest in the future you can take positive action.

Here is an interesting statistic:Did you know that if you have a properly written profile and at least 200 connections on LinkedIn, you have a 34 times bigger chance of being searched for and contacted by a search firm for a specific position? That’s right – THEY will contact YOU. Making Your Network Bigger Through LinkedIn, you can find a new job, start a company of your own, search for information and more. In order to do so, you must continuously build a bigger network. Your network will include mentors who can help you. You will become an active member of relevant groups, and make efforts to connect to professionals that already have huge networks of their own. How Much Time Is This Going To Take? It should be clear by now why having an active LinkedIn account is so important. However, you may not have the time to research, test and learn it all on your own. And if you aleady have a LinkedIn account and basic profile you may not know how to really maximize its potential so that you are really getting a benefit from LinkedIn. This is where a professionally designed step-by-step LinkedIn video training course may be the answer. The training provides the necessary guidance in a very affordable manner and is designed to help everybody create an attention-grabbing profile that works for them.

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