How to Use Pinterest Marketing to Successfully Promote Your Business

Pinterest marketing

Pinterest marketing

It’s no secret these days that social media is a whole lot more than just a fun way to interact with your family and friends. It’s also a powerful way to make a valuable connection with your business and forge personal connections with your customers. Furthermore, the world of social media is expanding all the time to include options that go well beyond Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and one of the fastest growing and most promising of these new options is Pinterest. Let’s examine how you can determine whether Pinterest Marketing is a good fit for your company’s products. Is Pinterest Really a Fit for You? Everyone and their mother might be on Facebook or Twitter, but Pinterest Marketing definitely has a niche audience that you’ll need to impress if you’re going to become a pinboard sensation. Most people who have made Pinterest the success that it is are on the site for items and information related to recipes, fashion, crafts, or DIY home improvement projects.


If your company is looking to reach these demographics, then definitely take the time to cultivate a presence on Pinterest. If not, you’d be better off exploring other avenues. Put in the Time Pinterest is like other social media sharing sites in that it takes a time commitment and some attention in order to become a success and build a loyal following. Spend time on the site when it comes to getting to know other pinners and learning what appeals to other users. Showcase the best of what your company has to offer by creating high-quality pins that include witty descriptions and valuable information. Make sure you re-pin plenty of other people’s posts as well. Don’t Be a Walking Advertisement Less seasoned entrepreneurs make the mistake of pinning nothing but advertisements and product shots to their company’s Pinterest account. Then they wonder why no one is interested in what they have to say.


Be a participant in the community, not simply a walking commercial. In addition to promotional material, make sure you post industry specific news or useful information that would be of interest to the customers you’re trying to reach. Always make sure that you’re genuine and that your real passion for what you do comes through in everything you post. Regular pinners can spot an account that is purely promotional a mile away. The easiest way to avoid rejection is to simply be yourself. Let Your Personality Shine Allowing the people who follow your company’s boards on Pinterest to get to know you is an important part of gaining success. Share information that lets people in on how you first moved to start your company. Post pins that emphasize not only what your products mean to you, but what they could mean to your many followers if they were to become customers themselves. When you treat your Pinterest audience as you would a group of valued friends, you can’t help but succeed. Give it a try for yourself today!

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